Petcover Group grows its Pet Insurance Business in the UK


Petcover Group grows its Pet Insurance Business in the UK

Global Pet Insurer, Petcover Group has acquired Brooks Braithwaite (Sussex) Limited from ManyPets Ltd (formally Bought by Many).

Operating in the UK under the British Pet Insurance brand, the acquisition will see Petcover increase their already extensive Exotic and Pet Business insurance offering in the UK.

Brooks Braithwaite (Sussex) Limited is the leading Exotic Pet insurer in the UK; having pioneered their products some 30 years ago and leading the UK market with their comprehensive speciality designed business policies for the pet industry, the acquisition is a positive move for all current and future Petcover clients.

Global pet insurer, Petcover operate in Continental Europe, Australia and New Zealand, providing comprehensive pet, equine, exotic and pet business insurance offerings to clients, the company will bring years of knowledge and experience as Brooks Braithwaite merges into the group.

Petcover Group CEO, Andy Pearce said, “It is an exciting time for Petcover as we expand our offering in the UK Pet Insurance sector. Acquiring Brooks Braithwaite (Sussex) Limited means that we are able to offer the pet lovers of the UK an even bigger selection of insurance products to ensure that their well-loved pets are protected, whether they are at home, with a dog walker, getting a haircut or are on holiday with a boarder.

“All of our customers deserve the very best customer service; our award-winning team is ready to ensure that the transition for all is smooth and focuses first and foremost on the pets and on the service we provide, and that our customers deserve.”

Petcover Group was founded by Doug and Gwen Ford who have 40 years’ experience as dog show judges, breed experts and pet insurance specialists, with both still firmly at the helm.

Managing Director, Doug Ford said, “Our aim has always been to take our many years of experience and success in the pet insurance market as far as possible, and to ensure we protect as many pet owners and their special pet friends as we can.

“Looking at the business and the amazing growth we are experiencing; with award after award recognising our hard work and professionalism, we look forward to welcoming all Brooks Braithwaite customers into the Petcover family.”

Steven Mendel, CEO and Co-Founder of ManyPets Group commented, “As administrators of Brooks Braithwaite’s brands, we were not in control of the end-to-end product design and experience. Saying farewell to both Exotic Direct and Pet Plan Sanctuary allows us to focus our attention on the ManyPets brand and products”.

About Brooks Braithwaite (Sussex) Limited

Brooks Braithwaite (Sussex) Limited owns ExoticDirect, which is the UK’s leading provider of pet insurance for birds, mammals and reptiles, additionally the company offers an extensive offering of Liability Insurance for animal related businesses, including Animal Clubs, Centres, Shows, Displays and many others. Brooks Braithwaite Sussex Limited also operates and administers Petplan Sanctuary; Allianz’s offering for pet business insurance for Dog Walkers, Pet Sitters, Animal Boarding Establishments and similar pet related businesses.

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