How to grow your pet business


So, you’ve now set-up your pet business, but you might be wondering how to help it grow and continue progressing. Take a look at our top tips on how to grow your pet business!

Converse with your customers

This might seem obvious, but communicating with your customers on a frequent basis can greatly aid the development of your business. By asking for regular customer feedback, you can find a correlation through their responses, of ways to improve the services you offer. It’s also very important to show your customer’s that their feedback is being taken on board, and this will likely lead to them recommending your business to their family and friends.

Customer retention

One key step to growing your business is by keeping your customers happy. Think about ways you can maintain the relationship you have with your customers to stop them from going to competitors.

Create a loyalty scheme – rewarding your customers with points which convert into discounts is a great way of showing your appreciation of their loyalty.

Email your customers regularly – setting up a routine email to go out to your customers is ideal for keeping your business on their minds and shows them the friendlier side of your business!

Social media – keeping in contact with your customers through social media can go a long way. This will show customers that you’re taking the time to respond to their messages or comments, as you greatly value their opinions.

Marketing your business

Once building up a solid rapport with your customers, you could ask them for additional information which will be useful for advertising your business further via social media or print. For example, you could ask them what they like the most about your business, and what makes you stand out against competitors. It’s always worth reminding your online followers of your USP’s, as this could attract new customers.

Research new product ideas

It’s wise to keep on top of the latest trends when it comes to your competitors and what your customers need in the current market. If you feel you’re missing a trick with your business and could do with expanding your product range, then definitely take the time to look into what else you could offer through your business. Having a restricted range of products could be the factor that pushes customers to competitors, so it’s essential to keep up with the latest demands!

You could alternatively think of different methods of offering your current range of products, such as a subscription, or offering an exclusive discount upon becoming a new customer.

We hope you enjoyed reading our top tips on growing your pet business and wish you every success in doing so!

From the Petcover group team.

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