Petcover UK Named Most Reliable Pet Insurance Provider in 2022


The fifth annual Southern Business Awards ceremony took place, and Petcover UK has been named the Most Trusted Pet Insurance Company for 2022.

The team at Petcover are committed to ensuring that our customers’ cherished pets are in the best care possible. This is crucial right now more than ever, as the rising cost of living is starting to significantly affect many people’s budgets. Our comprehensive cover gives our customers peace of mind and shields them from unforeseen vet costs.

“I am beyond thrilled that Petcover has been recognised as The Most Trusted Pet Insurance Company in the Southern Business Awards 2022,” said Andy Pearce, CEO of Petcover Group.

“The Petcover Group is committed to our clients’ pets and their owners, making sure that pet parents’ thoughts are not preoccupied with vet expenditures during difficult or emergency situations.

I would like to congratulate the entire Petcover team for their dedication and hard work, which is continually recognised with awards.

It is an honour to earn this award as a team of pet owners and lovers since praise like this helps to uphold our beliefs. We work hard to give our customers the finest service possible and are always changing our products to better meet their demands.”