Pet Dog Liability Insurance

We can provide up to £5m of public liability cover if you would like to take your pet dog into a public work environment.
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This can include a school, care home or commercial office premises.

We also offer Wolf dog insurance.

What is Public Liability insurance for pet dogs?

Public liability insurance (also known as third party insurance) for pet dogs covers you for legal liability to third parties, including related legal costs if a third party is injured or their property is damaged.

Pet insurance policies that include liability cover won’t cover you if you want to take your dog to work, into a school, care home or similar commercial premises, as part of a planned activity.

This is because the liability risk to the public is greater in these situations.

How much does public liability insurance for pet dogs cost?

  • To take your dog into schools you’ll pay around £316 a year
  • You’ll pay around £92 a year to take your dog into commercial office premises
  • And £288 a year if taking your dog into a care home. This can vary if you’re a commercial business.
  • Prices are for £1m of liability cover and will increase if you need a higher cover level.

Wolf dog liability insurance

For wolf dogs you’ll pay around £120 for £1m of liability cover.

An excess of £250 applies for third party property damage claims.

Employers liability insurance

We also offer employers’ liability insurance for £10m, and £5m of cover in the event of terrorism or asbestos.

It is a legal requirement under the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 that you have employers’ liability insurance if you employ anyone, other than a close family member, on a full or part time basis, a work experience placement or as a volunteer helper. Employers liability can only be taken when you purchase public liability cover.

Employers’ liability covers you for your legal liability to pay compensation and claimants costs and expenses should your employee be injured whilst at work.

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