Liability Insurance

Brooks Braithwaite (Sussex) Ltd offer public liability, employer’s liability and member to member insurance.

schemes-parrotPublic liability insurance covers clients for legal liability to third parties, including related legal costs if a third party is injured or their property is damaged.

Employers’ liability insurance covers clients for their legal liability to pay compensation and claimants’ costs and expenses in respect of an injury sustained by an employee arising out of or in the course of the employee’s employment.

It is a legal requirement under the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 that employers’ have employers’ liability insurance for their employees working on a full or part time basis, a work experience placement or as a volunteer helper. Exemptions can apply for businesses that employ close family members and are not incorporated as a limited company.

Member to member insurance covers club/society members for bodily injury to any other member or damage to their property caused by a member of the insured club/society, whilst both are engaged at an organised club or society event.

Brooks Braithwaite (Sussex) Ltd can offer a wide range of liability cover including:


  • Dangerous Wild Animals insurance covering dangerous wild animal(s) kept on your premises, including escape. Learn More>>
  • Animal Shows, Displays & Events insurance. Learn More>>
  • Bird of Prey liability insurance flying displays, static displays, hawking days, public handling with photo opportunities and privately flying bird(s) of prey. Learn More>>
  • Animal Centres insurance including optional buildings and contents cover.
  • Animal Clubs insurance including cover for meetings and shows. Learn More>>
  • Pet On Private Land insurance. Learn More>>

We can also off insurance for activities which may not be listed on here. To discuss your requirements call freephone 0345 982 5499